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Fire Sprinkler Damage

We specialize in all types of water damage cleanup, including that from accidental fire sprinkler discharges. There is no need to panic when our experts are just a phone call away and can be there in 30 minutes. When you call us for fire sprinkler damage cleanup services in Arlington, you can relax knowing that the cleanup will occur safely, quickly, and affordably.

For 24/7 emergency water damage cleanup services, call us. We are standing by and can arrive in 30 minutes!

What to Do If Your Fire Sprinklers Accidentally Discharge?
Accidental fire sprinkler discharges are very rare, but it has happened to you. So what do you do next? First off, you will need to have the fire company determine the cause of the accidental discharge. Always make sure to keep all components of the faulty fire sprinkler as it will need to be sent to the manufacturer. Once the fire company has given the all clear, you will then need to get to work on the cleanup process.

Why Do You Need a Professional for Fire Sprinkler Damage Cleanup?
At over 12 gallons per minute, fire sprinklers can cause a lot of water damage! Depending on how many of the sprinklers discharged, and how long they were on, the amount of damage can vary greatly. Even if it is just a small amount of water, it is still important to send an IICRC certified water damage specialist over to inspect the premises. Your home or business may appear dry but could have water trapped in surfaces (especially hard surfaces like wood floors and absorbent surfaces like drywall). If the moisture is left, then it could cause your property to rot or cause toxic mold growth. These are not things you want to happen and will cause serious, costly damage!

Arlington Water Damage has the right tools to get fire sprinkler damage cleaned up safely and without secondary effects. Each case is different depending on the amount of water and surfaces effected, but our technicians follow set IICRC protocols to ensure the water cleanup is done thoroughly. All efforts are made to save your property, though some materials may need to be removed such as linoleum, drywall, insulation, and upholstered furniture. Drying is performed in a calculated way with moisture meters and infrared cameras to insure that all wet surfaces are treated, and the entire drying process is monitored. If you will be placing an insurance claim for water damage to pay for the accidental fire sprinkler discharge, we can help you with the claim and meet with the insurance adjuster.

Have water damage? Call us anytime for cleanup services. We are available 24/7 and have a 30 minute response time.