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Fire and Smoke Damage

We hope that no one ever needs to use our fire damage cleanup services. But, when someone calls us after a fire, we are happy to help. Our professional fire and smoke damage cleanup services save our clients thousands of dollars in damages and allow them to get back on with their lives quickly. We are IICRC certified for the job and available 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact us. You will be glad you did!

Why You Need Professional Cleanup Services for Fire Damage
It is imperative that you call in a professional to clean up after a fire. We are IICRC certified for fire damage cleanup services and have decades of experience in the industry dealing with all materials and various conditions. We want to emphasize that DIY fire damage cleanup can be dangerous. Do not even enter the contaminated area without a respirator. Smoke and ash linger in the air for a long time and can also irritate your eyes and skin, so avoid entering the room/s! Our fire damage cleanup technicians are equipped for the job with proper protection gear which includes respirators, goggles, and suits.

Each type of material reacts to smoke and soot differently. For example, plastics are very vulnerable to discoloration but can be cleaned fairly easily with cleaners that neutralize the acidic soot. By contrast, materials like wood are absorbent and often need to be sealed over in order to stop bad odors. Only a trained professional knows how to handle each of these different materials to save them from smoke and soot damage, and to eliminate odors.

Our Methods Save Your Property from Smoke and Soot
We use a variety of tools and cleaners to save your belongings and property from the effects of smoke and soot. It varies depending on the material and finish, but these are just some of the ways we treat smoke and fire damage:
• HEPA vacuuming to remove dry soot without oil residue
• Dry sponging to remove gross amounts of soot residue
• Hand sanding heavily stained areas
• Nylon brushing to agitate smoke out of surfaces
• Thermal fogging to remove odors
• Degreaser agents to remove oily soot
• Extraction and flushing of soot from mattresses and upholstery
• Drying with air movers and dehumidifiers

Don’t let smoke and ash cause more damage after the fire is out. Call us for fast fire damage cleanup services. Our IICRC certified technicians will arrive in 30 minutes or less!